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Who is Brückner ?
Born on April 27th, 1972 in Dresden/Germany. First name Uwe.
Studied production engineering at:

Finished in 1997 with a Dipl.-Ing. degree.

What does he do ?
From 1997 to 2000, Brückner worked for the engineering supplier:

Now Brückner is an employee of


What does he like ?
Way too much to write it all down: sports (snowboarding, skating, fitness, swimming, Golf, Tennis), traveling, family (married, 3 children), music.

Some old things done a long time ago:

Brückner liked to compose:


Once upon a time Brückner was playing PC games.

Especially the top classic RPG:

When he was a school-boy Brückner programmed his own computer games.


How to contact him ?
Many ways lead to Brückner.
The easiest are e-mailish. Try it. Brückner will answer !