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V1.3 - Dec 22th, 2002

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What does he like ?
Brückner liked to make electronical music when he was a teenager using the following equipment:

Commodore AMIGA 500 with 2 MB ChipRAM extension
Yamaha PSS790 MIDI Keyboard
no-name parallel port monophone 8-bit sampler
TS MIDI link box
Vivanco 4 channel analogue stereo mixer
Teijo Kinnunen's MED V2.0-3.2

The music was never released because it was created just for fun. It has been shared only with a few friends.
CD-ROM technology wasn't available for home PC's back then.
But the other day a friend suggested to burn him a CD-A of the good old AMIGA musics.
It was a good compilation and a lot of other people wanted to have the CD.
So it seemed to be logical to make an offer to a broader popularity (click desired icon):

This is the complete compilation containing 21 music pieces.

If your'e a Star Trek fan, you possibly like this compilation of 5 theme related songs.

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How to contact him ?
Many ways lead to Brückner.
The easiest are e-mailish. Try it. Brückner will answer !